Wednesday, July 23, 2008

WGN Interview with Spike O'Dell

Life has been moving full speed ahead over the past month since the release of WE ARE CUBS FANS.  I have now done an internet video interview, a handful of radio interviews and two newspaper interviews.... I will be posting them all here for your reading enjoyment.  Crazy week.

Last Friday morning... I was lucky enough to be a guest on the excellent Spike O'Dell WGN-AM morning show.  The fun thing is that I went to school wit
h Spike's son years ago, so it was fun to catch up with Spike and be a part of the #1 morning show in Chicago.  

WGN's Spike O'Dell (L) with WE ARE CUBS FANS author Will Byington (R)

Click here to hear the interview:

To continue the madness.... I was also interviewed on a station in south western Illinois (that actually carries the St. Louis Cardinals) by their afternoon host Lou Anne (the station's only Cubs fan).  WLPO is the station in Oglesby, IL and you can hear that interview here:

And finally... A good friend and former college professor of mine from the University of Alabama was up here recently for a Cubs game with some friends.  Well, one of those friends is a columnist for the Tuscaloosa News and this past Sunday... he ran his column about yours truly... 

Read that here:

More coming soon also... Next week I will be on WGN again, this time with David Kaplan and Sports Central.  I will also be on with Mike Stephens on his "Outside The Loop" Radio Program.  More details on those coming up...



  1. Dude those rule... especially the WGN one. Glad you were able to get a copy of it.

  2. I'm loving this interview! How can you complain about anything when the information presented to you is Straight from the source? Plus, it's always good to hear what the Actual company or spokesperson has to say on the matter. Whether a famous person is being interviewed or anybody else, its just as exciting as being the first to know the gossip! :) This time its no 'who is right? who is wrong?' Because you can never be wrong when you get the information right from the source!