Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Kerry Wood's Strike Zone

It is 6:30pm on Wednesday night and I am trying to figure out my plans for the evening after an excellent Cubs win... and I get a call from my good friend John. He has scored me an extra pass for one of the coolest charity events of the year... Kerry Wood's Strike Zone 3000 event at 10 Pin bowling lanes next to the House of Blues. I instantly hop in a cab and get down there. Chicago's very own Hello Dave is playing in the middle of the venue. All around me are Chicago Cubs being as friendly as could be, signing autographs for anyone and everyone... and having a BLAST. It was amazing to see the friendship, and personality they all have with each other and their fans. I took the opportunity to snap some pictures with a few from the team and tell them about WE ARE CUBS FANS.

WE ARE CUBS FANS' Will Byington with 1st Baseman Derrek Lee

WE ARE CUBS FANS' Will Byington (Far Right) with Jim Edmonds (Left) and Mike Fontenot (Center) of the 2008 Chicago Cubs

WE ARE CUBS FANS' Will Byington with Cubs pitcher Kerry Wood at his Strike Zone 3000 Charity event

WE ARE CUBS FANS' Will Byington with potential future Cubs owner and Dallas Mavericks Owner Mark Cuban

WE ARE CUBS FANS' Will Byington with Cubs starting pitcher Ryan Dempster

It was an event that I would HIGHLY suggest any true Cubs fan attend in the future.

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