Wednesday, October 8, 2008

LA, Concerts and other adventures...

Over the past few weeks I have had some fun adventures, concerts and other happenings. I photographed the excellent artist Marc Broussard at the Lakeshore Theater in Chicago... he always puts on a great show. It ended up being an amazing night of music as well as random adventure - as some friends and I drank next door to the venue with the band and crew, we found out that comedian Robin Williams was in the house... and a few of us snuck back into the theater to witness an impromptu show by Robin. Awesome.

(Marc Broussard in concert at the Lakeshore Theater, Chicago - Photograph by Will Byington)

I also trekked west to Los Angeles with my friend Jim, to hopefully witness the comeback of the Chicago Cubs vs. the LA Dodgers. It was a trip that we booked with under 48 hours before we would fly west to the coast... and Saturday morning, with the Cubs down by two games.... we landed in Hollywood. Other than the letdown of the game at Chavez Ravine... Dodger Stadium was not very welcoming for sure... and the Cubs did not seem to show up at all.

(Dodger Stadium before game three of the NLDS Cubs Slaughter - Photograph by Will Byington)

We all know how that turned out! But I will say that the visit to LA was a blast otherwise... and the hospitality was excellent. A HUGE thank you to Jill, Ann, Griff and everyone else we saw out there and for the places to stay! We had drinks in Malibu and people watched in Venice Beach. Not a bad couple days.

(Sunset on Venice Beach, California - Photograph by Will Byington)

Now, I am back in Chicago and without baseball across the street for the coming weeks as the season has come to an end... I will be looking for other adventures, concerts and fun times. I will also be booking new photo shoots and looking for new projects... if you need a photographer for anything... please let me know.

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