Saturday, November 15, 2008

Bar Louie Calendar

A few years back, I was asked by my friend Marc Wuenschel to help him with some food photography for the Bar Louie Calendar and marketing. I thought it was funny that a calendar of hot bartenders had pictures of a burger below them... but it was a fun challenge and educational opportunity. Fast forward to around the time of Election night in Chicago... actually on voting day.... and Marc hired me again.... as I completed day two of a photo shoot for my first calendar. This time not shooting food but the models themselves. It was for Bar Louie - a chain of excellent food and drink establishments around the country but based here in Chicago and they do a yearly calendar of employees that is sold.
I had never done a shoot of this size.... 16 models, lights, hair, make-up, on location! On the previous Sunday, an exceptional photographer and good friend of mine Chris Gurley took the time to give me a crash course in lighting. I could not have done the shoot without his help. The shoot started each morning at 6am as we shot in two various Bar Louie locations in Chicagoland and had to be done by around 2pm each day. The girls were wonderful... nice as could be and willing to try just about any shot we wanted. The calendar came out nice... and is on-sale now at all Bar Louie locations. I have found you may have to ask for it as they do not seem to promote it that much... but for some reason they never have. I hope to do more projects of this nature in the year to come.... Very fun. And yes... as many of you have said... it is a ROUGH life. ;-). I will post more of the shots soon.

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