Saturday, January 3, 2009

Hockey at Wrigley - The Winter Classic

2009 is here.... and it started out with a bang. NYE I was with a great group of friends at my friend Trudy Buehler's condo in Wrigleyville. Trudy always throws the BEST party and the bar is always stocked beyond belief. She pays attention to detail and everyone has such a blast. I think I found myself stumbling home about 3 or 4am. On New Year's Day this year... forget the usual sleep late, watch football while lounging on the couch.... there was Hockey to see. The NHL had brought the Winter Classic... a hockey match between the Chicago Blackhawks and the Detroit Redwings to my front yard. Wrigley Field was converted into an outdoor ice rink and the crowds showed up like it was opening day. The beautiful Katie Schnepf joined me for the adventure. I will I am not a huge hockey fan... and had never been to a Blackhawks game.... I did not buy the hype. I thought tickets would be easy to come by... and we would find access to Wrigley easily. We circled the ballpark well past the first puck drop and there was nothing to be found. Let me backtrack... there were tickets... in fact you could walk right up to the box office, pay face value of like $325 and be in the ballpark for history. We kept hope alive for less and circled once more. The guys who run the best new rooftop in the neighborhood.... just happens to be for the building I live in... Wrigley Done Right... Lee and Dean... offered us the chance to watch the game from their vantage point and I am glad we did.
Outstanding. Being just across from the right field foul pole... we had an excellent view of the entire rink unblocked.... plus all the food and drink we could enjoy with the added benefit of indoor heating and bathrooms. A winning situation even if the Blackhawks lost and a very fun day. Thanks for twisting my arm to experience one of my favorite days in Wrigley, Katie.

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