Monday, January 5, 2009

Project 365 - Finally complete... somewhat...

The year has come and gone... and a project that I envisioned has been completed. One of the most unique photographers I know, and have admired ever since being a sophomore at the University of Alabama, Dan Murphy had tried this a few years back and I don't think he made it more than a few months. The idea was Project 365.... a photo a day for a year. It could be taken with the DSLR or with a camera phone... just take one photo a day, every day... for the year. When I started this... I thought, wow.... that is not tough... I almost always have my camera and am taking pictures anyway... Ha... easy. Done. Ok, yeah... not so much. 2008 was a leap year... and I blame that extra day for throwing it all off. Ok, maybe not... but as I have now posted 350 or so days out of the 366... I am happy with the results.

Click here to set the PROJECT 365 set on Flickr!

Yes... I did cheat... and here is my excuse... for example in January of last year, I was the photographer on five rock and roll cruises and was out at sea for two full weeks. Over the five cruises... I captured something like 25,000 photos of which I had to edit, narrow down and distribute. I returned to Chicago on a day in February when the high temperature was -1 and felt like -20. Needless to say I became a hermit and stayed inside for a week I think. Another example is when I shot Lollapalooza for three days in August... After such big events and so many photos... the last thing I wanted to do was to take more. Also... in the case of both those events, There were more than one cool shot from each day, shots that I wanted to share. I know there are people who have been able to keep up with this project and truly do create new work every day. I applaud them. David Moore in St. Louis, who I met when I toured with Cowboy Mouth and have always enjoyed his work... he took the project one step further.... even creating themes for the weeks images. He deserves an award as he not only kept up with it but did an outstanding job. Check out my year in review on FLICKR. I hope to take more pictures than this in 2009... I'm just not locking myself into the goal of one a day.... We all need a day off here and there.... right?

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