Friday, February 20, 2009

Cubs tickets on sale in 8 hours!

I have been thinking all week... have to make sure, by late Friday afternoon.... I HAVE to get at least one blog post in. Wow... this is going to be tougher than I expected... somehow the week flew by and here I am, under 24 hours shy of a full week and finally posting my next blog. I have all kinds of ideas in my head... just not the time to write. I now see how tough if it is for friends who are true writers for a living to generate new content day in and day out. My good friend Kevin Kaduk is the main baseball blogger for and writes the "Big League Stew". He often has to post 5 - 10 blogs in one day during the heart of the baseball season. I don't know how he does it... but my hat is off to him.

Tonight was the 11th annual world wide toast to Harry Caray - the legendary announcer for the Chicago Cubs. I met my buddy Chris Karnak (of Chasing October fame) at the downtown location for a few beverages and to get into the spirit of the approaching Cubs season. You can't beat seeing Ernie Banks, Dutchie Caray and the 101 cent Bud beers.... Plus everyone in the bar was wearing the big Harry glasses and hats.

As most of you know, I am a huge Cubs fan - living 461 feet from Home Plate of Wrigley Field, attending something like 50 games a year, and even putting out a book called WE ARE CUBS FANS. But I have to admit... after the unimaginable collapse that took place last October... tearing the heart out of every fan around the world, as Chris I think it was put it... we all woke up a few days later, with the worst hangover ever...yet we had not been drinking. Spring Training started last week with pitchers and catchers yet other than the never ending story of A-roid from the Yankees... I am still not recovered from that hangover. Opening day in my front yard is a short two months away... but I am still burned. Hopefully the singe will go away before the first pitch on Wrigley grass. I am sure it will. Living in this neighborhood for 5 years now, there are a few days that make you know... the kids will be playing across the street soon... and the excitement of ball games will be back soon. One such day every winter, when the bars open early and a line of fans stretches down the street... is when Cubs tickets go on-sale to the public. For days leading up, you see people making the pilgrimage to 1060 W. Addison to get a bright green wristband with a # on it. It bonds us all together seeing them around town and on the EL home. In just a short 5 or so hours from the time I write this.... they will announce a randomly drawn #... and if it is anywhere close to my # of 16,428.... I too, will head across the street and attempt to buy tickets for the hottest games this summer. Wish me luck. I may be burned... but the thought of sitting in the bleachers with friends this summer, on a weekday afternoon... is just too enticing on this 12 degree evening.

More from me soon... including pictures from the Dr. John and Neville Brothers show at the Cubby Bear on Tuesday night... and a few rants that are on my mind. Until then... enjoy.

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  1. Bah.. I got called into work this morning and don't get off until right at 10am so I'm gonna miss the first 20 min or so of online sales. If your wristband # ends up being crap, you better be online trying for Opening Day..haha.