Thursday, March 26, 2009

Hollywood Super Heros, Girls of Playboy Golf and Bob Barker!

Today was my last full day in Hollywood before heading to Long Beach and getting on the Carnival Splendor to photograph the John Mayer cruise "Mayercraft Carrier" for the weekend. Between running errands and doing laundry... I decided to re-visit the amazing characters of Hollywood Blvd. As I posted the other day, there was a Tinkerbell that I photographed and instantly fell in love. Ok, maybe not... but what struck me were the # of grown people who make a living working the street in Halloween costumes as Super Heroes and such... all in the name of making a buck. I figured they would make an excellent photo series... and wow....I believe they do. There are more where these came from, but here are a few of my favorites from Wednesday in Hollywood:

Originally, I thought these would work excellent as black and white shots... but in some cases the colors are just too good. After about an hour of shooting these shots, just as I was about to venture out of the insanity... two beautiful girls asked that I use their camera and get a shot of them with "Elvis" and "Marilyn".... Of course I obliged and took one with my camera just to make sure everything came out...

Well, as luck would have it... as I talked to Casey and Billie Jo some more... they were in town from Pittsburgh... to be a part of the PLAYBOY Golf outing and parties.... that's right... they are from the "Girls of Playboy Golf". Awesome. Do you think Spongebob is Happy?
Sadly no invite to the mansion came my way, but they were nice as could be and seemed to be having a blast on their first visit to the land of dreams and movie stars. Later this evening, I would stop off at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel for a quick drink and to catch up with my good friend John Thomas Griffith of Cowboy Mouth and we would find out there were something like 400 "Girls of Playboy Golf" at the hotel. Welcome to Hollywood.

If that was not enough for the day... as I was waiting for Griff to pick me up earlier in the evening... I happened to see the one and only... Bob Barker... that's right... Spay and Neuter your pets... "Price is Wrong, bi*^%!" Bob Barker.... so of course I had to get a picture with him! I must say... an excellent day in Hollywood.
And now... as mentioned.... I am in Long Beach and in a short 8 hours or so, Sixthman and crew will be loading up the boat in advance of the "One Splendid Evening" charity show for VH1's Save The Music with John Mayer and more.

As I say often... the adventure continues. Who wants to join the ride?

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  1. Since I've been required at work to watch Jimmy Kimmel twice a week for the past three plus years, I have to say it's so weird to see those pics of those superhero freaks on your blog, after seeing them so often on Kimmel's show....that Superman dude has to have been doing that gimmick for at least three years now, f'ing sad.

    Kickass Bob pic though, awesome that you just ran into him.