Sunday, March 8, 2009

I owe $20....

I am back home in Chicago... on a 44 degree thunderstorm filled day in the Windy City. 10 days ago I flew to Miami for the 4th time this year already... to board the CAYAMO cruise and once again, photograph some of my favorite bands for Sixthman. This was the most music intensive of the cruises this year and it did nothing short of blow me away. Over 40 artists were booked to perform for 7 days in the Caribbean with stops along the way in Samana, St. Thomas, Tortola, and Nassau. Unreal. Lyle Lovett, John Hiatt, Indigo Girls, Patty Griffin, Brandi Carlile, Marc Broussard, Glen Phillips (Toad the Wet Sprocket), Emerson Hart (Tonic), Ed Roland (Collective Soul), Ken, Drew and Ryan (Sister Hazel), David Ryan Harris, and SOOO many more... I know I am forgetting right now... rocked for the week. I photographed the experience - people and bands from noon till 2am each night, gambled with some of my new best friends and favorite bands and drank till 5am while watching some of the most talented singer/songwriters around! Simply amazing. If you get the chance... and want to take the vacation of a lifetime... get on a Sixthman cruise for 2010. There is still time to get on the Mayercraft Carrier at the end of March this year. Do it. I will also say, I think I found my new favorite place on earth... heaven it could be called... We took the artists on the boat by ferry from Tortola to the island of jost VAN dyke in the British Virgin Islands... and arrived just offshore from the Soggy Dollar Bar. After swimming up to the beach and using our soggy dollars for their world famous Painkiller drinks... we lounged on the beach and enjoyed the Caribbean warmth. Even on a very overcast day... watching the yachts 100 yards off the sandy beach, was one of my favorite days.

Speaking of action... while being on the ship for the week out at sea.... I had internet access once and used it to very quickly check e-mail and catch up on the world outside of the bubble I was living in. Well, needless to say... I did not follow my own resolution of updating my blog once in each 7 day period. As I stated back at the beginning of February... if I failed at this mission... and you are the first person to catch me and call me out on this... I owe you $20. Well... David Bergman, the excellent photographer who motivated me to maintain and stay on top of blogging... is the same one who was the first to catch me and call me out. Thank you. Per his request, a $20 donation was made to REVERB - An environmental action not-for-profit group that was founded by a band member in Guster and promotes healthy environmental lifestyles and touring. Second place also goes to my friend Jeremy Mills who came in second at calling me out. The deal still stands... if you catch me at slacking... and are the first to e-mail or comment on it... I owe you $20.

Pictures and more updates from the cruise coming soon.

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