Monday, March 23, 2009

Hollywood, CA and the John Mayer's Mayercraft Carrier this weekend!

(Alfonso Soriano of the Chicago Cubs at Ho Ho Kam Park in Mesa, AZ - Photography by Will Byington © 2009)

This past weekend, I had an EXCELLENT time in AZ watching the Cubs Spring Training thanks to The Heckler. At times, there were about 20 of us in the group outing taking in baseball under the warm Arizona sun and watching the Cubbies get amped up for the 2009 season. There were many laughs and stories shared. We also caught Chicago comedian Scott Derenger at the Comedy Spot in Scottsdale and that was another highlight of the trip.

Saturday's beating of the Chicago White Sox 13-2 was a very welcome start for this BIG Cubs fan on my personal 2009 Cubs season. I also marketed and sold a few copies of my book WE ARE CUBS FANS and thank everyone who picked up a copy for the compliments and support. If you have never been for Spring Training... The Heckler will be sponsoring a 2010 journey and I highly suggest you jump at the chance to go.
(Just off I-10 West outside of Phoenix, AZ - Photography by Will Byington © 2009)

From Mesa, instead of heading back to the frozen tundra of Chicago for 48 hours before having to trek back across the country... I headed further west and found myself in Hollywood, CA. I actually lived in Hollywood for one short year back from 2000-2001 and always love the chance to come back. As much as I hated living here at the time (let's just say my time here will make a great movie one day), there is something intoxicating and enticing for me here in the hills and close proximity to the ocean. I think it starts with my love of all things entertainment... and the fact that 75% of entertainment is born here.

I have a bunch of friends out here and it has also been great being able to briefly catch up with them. From my friend Karen Love who works on Game Shows... to PR Wizard Alfred Hopton currently working with Dick Clark Productions to Jill & Lee at Warner Brothers... the stories are fantastic and the time to catch up with friends is priceless. Thanks for taking time out of your busy days to fit me in. I also caught up with my friend Bob Plain from high school and had a couple beers while catching up in Beverly Hills. Bob and his beautiful wife are expecting a child in the next month, but have also built their business to a thriving success.... doing nothing other than Eyebrows!!! Awesome. Their company is Billion Dollar Brows and they have grown to have products and a salon in Beverly Hills that only shapes, trims, styles your eyebrows!!! And that my friends... is one of the main reasons I love it out here... the creativity and dreams everyone has to at least try to live the life they want.

It could also be the palm trees and swimming pools... the random music videos being filmed on Hollywood Blvd. or the fact that I finally found Tinkerbell:
(Poolside at the Roosevelt Hotel in Hollywood - Photography by Will Byington © 2009)

(Random music video being filmed on Hollywood Blvd.- I love the random record label suit watching every move - Photography by Will Byington © 2009)

(Tinkerbell on the boulevard - Photography by Will Byington © 2009)

John Mayer's Cruise is next! Tomorrow night is the VH1 "Save The Music" Charity event called "One Splendid Evening" that kicks off the Mayercraft Carrier 2009. For the first time, we will be boarding the boat a night early for an evening of music performances by John Mayer, Gavin Rossdale, Jordin Sparks, O.A.R., Sara Bareilles, Guster and Erin McCarley before setting sail on Friday to Cabo San Lucas. Once again, I will be the official photographer for John Mayer and the other bands on the ship so look for some shots in the weeks to come right here.

Finally, don't forget to check out my website for my European adventure I am planning of May...where YOU can send me on assignment and get a personal photo of a European landmark for your walls. Details can be found at:

Until next time as always.... say hello.

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