Saturday, April 25, 2009

Thoughts on a cloudy day...

It's a 70 degree April Saturday in the Windy City and the neighborhood is alive with activity. All winter there have been days here and there where the temperatures teased up with visions of summer... but the past couple days have really been a treat. Yesterday I met up with my friend Scott Derenger, an excellent comedian from Chicago for a few beverages at an outdoor patio called Vines on Clark. It was amazing the number of people who ventured out on a Friday afternoon to soak in some afternoon sun. It reminded me of college and the days of skipping a class to sit on the Buffalo Phil's patio in Tuscaloosa... laughing the afternoon away into the weekend with friends. My friend Bryan once put it best on a day such as this in Chicago... when the crowds emerge in flip flops and one of the best inventions ever... sun dresses return in force... that it is as if a spaceship lands in Chicago and returns those who have been missing all winter. Bring on summer in Chicago... The best time to visit the city by the lake... some come on over and make your plans now.

This past week included a couple highs and lows... such is life right? The highlights included Cubs games on Tuesday and Thursday (thanks Vic and Buzz for the tickets). I also attended another sell out book signing for my friend Jim McArdle's book LIVING THE DREAM at Toons and the monthly SEC Happy Hour. All fun times for sure.

I finished up editing two of the headshots from recent weeks as well... I mentioned Nate and Clare a few weeks back when I did the shoot as they were both a pleasure to work with. Clare does marketing and personal branding for companies and people. She needed a headshot for her website and other marketing materials. She is using one of the shots on her website at: The other favorite shot from the day can be seen here:
Another shoot I did the same day was for Nate, who I have gotten to know as he works at the local Starbucks that displays a good deal of my artwork. Nate is an excellent actor and will go far I am sure. This is one of my favorite shots of him:

Let me know what you think! If you need a headshot or know anyone who does... I would love to work with you/them. I offer very affordable packages starting at just $125 ... so contact me for details.

I mentioned that the past week had some highs and lows... one of the lows was that I found out about the passing of a friend. Christie was a girlfriend of a buddy of mine and I had gotten to know her over the past couple years. She had one of the biggest smiles I have ever known and was one of the most caring people you could ever meet. I first got to know her on a Cubs roadtrip that a bunch of friends made in the summer of 2007 and will never forget her laugh, smile and positive attitude. During the summer of 2008, she often mentioned she wanted to get professional photos of her daughter Faith and herself. We made plans a few times, but due to life getting in the way, it never happened and we always said... "when the weather turns nice this summer, we will make it happen". Sadly, that chance will never come and for that I am sorry. Christie - you will be missed and the world was a better place when you were here.

Life goes on, and I am off to the next work project now. Next week... Jazz Fest in New Orleans.

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