Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Headed out for a bike tour of Amsterdam and bumming around today. Tomorrow (Thursday)...a visit to the Heineken Brewery before catching a train to Prague in the evening! This town is amazing! I will say finding the time to blog and write the stories from the road is slightly a challenge... It is now 2:15am in Amsterdam and I have been going all day... The funny thing is that it is only 7:15 back home, the Cubs game is just starting and I am wide awake. I know tomorrow though will be a LONG day... so just a notice that I uploaded some more shots to my Facebook page... you can see them online there. Add me as a friend and follow along for the adventure. Thanks to everyone who has donated so far... keep the photo challenges coming in...

Here are a few more of my selected shots from one of my new favorite places on earth:

Enjoy.... and remember, you can make a donation... and request me to go on assignment and take a photo of your choice during my travels. A % of your donation goes to charity and at the end of my trip, you get a free 8x10 print. Check out all the details at! More from me in the coming days...

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  1. I went there with Marc immediately following The Rock Boat in 2008 and it was one of my favorite places I've ever been. I am dying to go back someday. I absolutely loved the city and the people. Amazing! Enjoy it! I only wish I'd had my dSLR camera when I went!