Tuesday, May 26, 2009

iPhone picture on the cover of New Yorker magazine!!!

So a few weeks ago... my friend Sean Hughes told me about this excellent photographer named Chase Jarvis. (Thanks Sean). This guy is a true inspiration and does truly amazing work! One of the coolest galleries he has on his website though are shots that he took with his iPhone, edited slightly and posted! Amazing. As he says... the best camera is the one he has with him and I could not agree more! Just to prove this point... his blog today talks about the latest cover of the New Yorker magazine... by a fellow photographer.... the COVER OF A MAGAZINE... taken by an iPhone! Check it out. For all those of you thinking your little camera is not good enough... It is. Enjoy.


I am heading to Salzburg for the day. I posted some additional photos last night from Prague and Vienna to my Facebook page. Check them out here:


Keep the donations and ideas coming as well. Here is the way it works again... For a $20 donation... a % of which goes to the great charity Imerman Angels.... You send me on assignment... Look at my places I am going in Europe and suggest a photo you would like taken... For $20 I will try to capture your image... and at the end of my trip, you get an 8x10 of your shot! It is that easy!


Have a great day.

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