Friday, May 22, 2009

Amsterdam to Prague...

Took the overnight train from Amsterdam to Prague and just spent the day seeing Churches and Castles older than the USA. Can't figure out the money though! Damn Alabama education! Sunday morning... onto Vienna.

The picture taking opportunities here are endless. Thank you to all my friends who suggested a stop here. I will hopefully post some of the best from today tomorrow night before leaving for Vienna. I will say one thing that has been hard so far is the writing aspect of this journey. By the time I am done sightseeing and taking pictures around town... and then edit the best shots for posting on the web... it is quite late and I feel the smart thing to do is to rest... and get ready for another day. I hope to process some of my thoughts at the end of my trip and I will attempt to journal some of the thousands of thoughts going through my head.

In the meantime... Hop on Facebook and you can check out the first sets of shots I have posted here:

And remember- there is still PLENTY of time to get your request in for a personal photo from Europe. Check out the details and make a charity donation at:

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