Tuesday, June 9, 2009

First round of pictures from Europe have been posted...

After finally getting over jetlag and recovering from 3 straight weeks of non-stop travel and European adventure... I have posted the first batch of the best photos from my trip. These are the best so far... the ones that caught my eye, that were requested by fans, or that I wanted to edit as the trip went along.

There are more where these come from... and I will be adding some in the coming days. If there is a shot that catches your eye... and you want it edited in a special way, or cropped, turned to black & white, etc... let me know. Very open to your ideas.

I look forward to your feedback and thoughts! All the photos within this link are for sale... and can be purchased in any size between 5x7 and 24x36 or bigger. If you have already made a donation... I will be sending you an e-mail. If you would like to purchase any of these shots... please send me an mail by clicking on "I want to buy this photo" within the image name... and it will send me an e-mail with that image #. Again... here is the link. (you will need FLASH to view these images):

Thanks! Enjoy.

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